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My Week of Tweets!

This week in our PR class we were assigned to experiment with social network, Twitter. Since I already belong to the infamous Facebook network, I figured this wouldn’t be too hard to handle. However I found that Twitter is used for other purposes than the social aspect. First of all, the hardest thing to figure out was how to follow fellow “twitters” and learn how I was also being followed. I didn’t know how comfortable I felt about the being followed part, but I learned that there were some privacy settings. The most fun I had on Twitter was putting up tweets, which are the equivalent to a Facebook status. It was cool to see how fast they spread to everyone that I was connected with, and also how fast people would respond to certain things. I think that students in this day and age can really benefit from Twitter because of the networking services it provides. The first day, I got in touch with a sorority sister that had Barbara Nixon and is now graduated and working in D.C. She explained to the class via Twitter that it was a great way to get your name out for employers, which is good for those looking for an internship or their first job. I think that down the road I will maintain my Twitter account, because I can see the potential growth it will obtain within the year. Hopefully I will be able to be in touch with potential companies that I can hope to work for! Overall, even though I found it a little difficult in the beginning, I think that Twitter is something that every college student should invest in!