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Today I watched a Mixergy video of Seth Godin talking about his book, Tribes. Upon reading the word tribes, I assumed that this had some weird connotation to the PR world dealing with actual tribes. However, Godin made a clear connection for me with one of his first statements in this video saying he is in a colleague’s tribe because he reads that man’s blog. He then continued with his points about how advertising controlled the way people thought in a sense that they interrupt as many people as they can to make money doing. This took me back because I realized the type of effect advertisements have such an effect on my life. He explained how the system based on money is being replaced by a system based on the questions, “who else is coming?” and “who will lead us?”. Godin then went into more description about tribes as being something that a person joins because they believe in its ideas, i.e. the Star Wars tribe. What ties a tribe is that the human beings do what others in the tribe enjoy doing. It is a choice made  by ordinary people who want to belong. For example, sports fans are a big tribe that essentially are rooting for themselves. When the team wins, that person wins because it is something that represents them. 

Godin’s video reminded me of subcultures, because those share a connection. It also made me reflect on what kind of “tribes” I belong to on a daily basis. I am a student at Georgia Southern, a sister in my sorority, a frequent RAC visitor, and a country music fan. So easily can we all associate ourselves as an insider to a tribe.