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Class 4/6

Monday in my wonderful Intro to PRCA 2330 lecture with Professor Nixon, our class discussed the topic of public relations “when in a crisis”. Before coming into this class, and the public relations major, I think I had a different conception of the job title all together. I, like Nixon explained, am also a glass-half-full kinda gal, and would probably have a hard time seeing the downfall in specific situations. Nixon went into detail about her time in the field, and how beneficial it was to have one person that was able to see the darker side of things. The trick to using them to their best ability while not letting them see that you use them for their negativity is one that we students would have to learn. This came up in topic because Nixon explained how certain companies, like airline agencies, have to plan for a bad reputation when something tragic like a plane crash occurs. Clearly they jeopardize loosing business, so the company must come up with strategies to maintain their good image with the public. 

We then talked about the different kinds of crisis, and the importance of having a 7-step plan. While listening to Nixon continue with the lecture, my mind wandered into my future. I wondered if I would ever be working with a company that would be stuck a severe rut in the media. I think that this lecture, as well as the course, will thoroughly help me get a clearer in my future. No matter what company any person may be involved in, it will not always be smooth sailing. Be prepared for anything to show up in the path.


Chapter 3

Chapter three is based on ethics and professionalism. It’s funny that this came up because I am also learning about the same topics in my intro to journalism class. I found that a lot of the two classes have much in common. Both relatively have to do with reputation. Another thing that the two share is a sense of responsibility to society and the public interest. I think more

Class this week…

Today in PR, we talked about planning, a very important component of the PR formula. We went through the eight step process, from situation to evaluation, and all that’s in between. At first, I didn’t see the difference between strategy and tactics, I figured both were manners of carrying out the plan. However, I learned that the tactics are what a PR practitioner would do to carry out their strategy. The past few lectures, we’ve been going through the RACE, as a process overall. Today, I also learned about the value of timing and scheduling, especially when dealing with a specific audience. Lastly, the term “general public” is not the best choice.