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Rocking Out the Georgia Southern Campus

I enjoy so many genres of music, and probably could not tell you a specific favorite band or singer. In fact, I usually have my favorite song of the week, which I’ll listen to until the next best thing comes along. I was raised listening to classic rock and everything from the 60s to the 80s. I went through my pop teen phase with N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Britney. In high school I loved oldies and punk rock, and now I have moved onto country too. I listen to all of these types of music, but some things just tend to stick out.

Realistic or not, I think that having Bon Jovi perform in concert on our campus would be the best thing. I saw him live at Philips Arena with my mom freshmen year of college, and it was the best concert I’ve seen to this date. I have been to about at least a dozen concerts, and that man knows how to work a crowd. We were on our feet from beginning to end. I had no voice or hearing the next day. How awesome would it be to hear the American classics such as “Living on a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” live with your best friends? We have all been out and about on the weekends when those songs come on over the speakers, and the people in the place go tone deaf singing the lyrics to each other. I also think that since Bon Jovi is known internationally among so many different audiences, it would be a good opportunity for the faculty and staff of Georgia Southern to get out there with the students and have a great time!


My Favorite TV Show

Ever since I’ve come to Georgia Southern, I have only kept up with a select few television shows. However, the one that I have watched since the season one premiere is Desperate Housewives. This show has been running for years, and it is so entertaining. There are so many different story lines in the plot of the bigger story. Desperate Housewives is based on the lives of the main housewives living on Wysteria Lane. The show goes into detail about their lives individually, as well as their lives together. Throughout the seasons, they have had ups and downs, neighbors come and go, schemes and mischevious plots, and so much more.

This Sunday was the kick off to a new season of Desperate, and it was captivating. After last season, when one of the housewives, Edie, died in a car accident, they introduced a new family. However it seems that all the new families that move in and out of Wysteria Lane have some hidden secrets that they try to hide. I’m sure it won’t be long until this new family will be uncovered.

I don’t know exactly why I have been so hooked on this show for so long. My roommates and friends gather around the TV every Sunday night to tune in. It’s become some what of a tradition. In my neighborhood back at home, we joke about how it is the “Wysteria Lane” of Duluth, Ga. It’s a small subdivision where everyone seems to know everything about everyone else. I can’t wait for next Sunday to find out what happens with Brie’s divorce, Lynnette’s pregnancy, Susan and Mike, and the very entertaining Gabby Solice.

Serena Williams U.S. Open Tantrum

This week in the PR Writing class, we had to find articles that are considered “newsworthy”, and explain why. Well after reading past all the Kanye West VMA scandal articles, I found out a little stunt that Serena Williams had done this year at the U.S. Open. While in a match with opponent Clijsters, a referee made a call against Serena Willias that sent in her a frenzy. It was a big mistake on Williams part, as she threatened the lineswoman with profanity. She had already received a warning, and with the second code violation she was given a penalty point.  This all happened before she got ejected from the match after the technical foul at match point. She threw down the racket and stormed out of the arena in tears, where Venus waited for her in the locker room. She refused to disclaim what she really said to the the lineswoman.

Williams was fined $10,00 and there is talk about problems in her future career. I believe this will hopefully show other athletes in the media how to behave in the limelight. Obviously there will be heated tendencies when it comes to the game, but professional athletes should be a good example for young kids. I would hope that kids in sports don’t think it is okay to pitch a fit, even if it may be an unfair call. Personally, I believe that sometimes it just has to happen that way. I think it’s decent that she has issued an apology…now we just have to wait around for Kanye to issue one.

This Week in My Life…

I have had such a busy week! I have already had to finish three papers, two of which were four to six pages long. I guess this is my welcome back to school. With that, and online assignments and quizzes I am so ready for the weekend. Last weekend, I went to an amazing tailgate for the Eagles. This week has had such its ups and downs. Luckily with the three day weekend, I was able to catch up on work for our social on Tuesday night. Kappa Kappa Gamma’s first social of the fall was themed “I’m on a Boat!” It was so much fun! My roommates and I spray painted anchors to white tank tops in blue and glitter paint. Strapped with suspenders and Sperry boat shoes, we went as sailors. The social was held at Rudy’s and all the Kappas met up at the house around 9 to catch the limo. We rolled up pretty deep and the fun began. When the night was over and the tabs were closed, I was covered in purple sharpie marker.

That being the most eventful of my week so far, and for Thursday night were planning a game night at the apartment. One of our favorite Apples to Apples can last us hours. My personal favorite, Would You Rather…,  is a juicy game with gutsy questions that test peoples wit and stomachs. As for the weekend, I think it should be pretty relaxing. I’m hoping to recoup from Tuesday and get ready for Friday night! Oh how I love it here at Georgia Southern 🙂


In class this week, we discussed chapter three. This involved all things about defamation, infringement, slander, liabel, copyright, trademark, and a few more topics. All of these topics are very substantial in the media. First and foremost, it has been drilled into our brains since early education that cheating is bad. This includes, lying, taking someone else’s work and using as your own, and spreading rumors. Now these days, while kids may unfortunately slide past the rule, the media shows no signs of stopping when it comes to the tabloids. Those magazines are sometimes filled with so many rumors and allegations. While some stories may run similar to the truth, it is feeding the public illegitimate information. For instance, when I stand in the check out line at Walmart, National Inquirer and Star have always caught my eye with crazy stories about cat fights and divorces.

Another funny thing that we talked about in class is the trademarks. I thought it was hilarious when Paris Hilton attempted to trademark the phrase, “That’s Hot”. Luckily that didn’t go over so well and neither did Donald Trump’s, “You’re Fired,” from his show, The Apprentice. Each day in the media, it seems that there is a fine line between what is the truth and what has been “fluffed up” for the story. This is why it is important as an aspiring PR representative that I know how to write the truth in a press release and other forms of writing. It is my goal in my future career to avoid any liabel in any work that I do, and to always work best with the client. It is important for me to understand those topics listed from chapter three because it will save me from any trouble I could possibly get myself into. Lastly, I believe that my conscious is too honest for bearing the burden of slander.