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Newest Obsession

So I was wandering from blog to blog on Tuesday in my journalism class because I had already completed the assignment our professor told us to do in class. I checked up on my WordPress and a few other people’s as well. I then decided to look for some new blog material. But to be specific, I wanted to look for some fashion. My dream job would be to work in fashion pr. There’s something about the fashion industry that draws me in, and I just have a gut feeling that it’s where I belong. I need a career that is always in the “now” and what is better than fashion? It’s so fast-paced, and always innovative. Not to mention fashion with public relations means lots of creativity. I was graced this past Tuesday when my mouse stumbled on my newest obsession: PR Couture, a website dedicated to fashion pr. I was smitten, no joke. The site has links to fashion pr agencies. It contains blogs, and in the corner was a subscription box that I quickly filled. Now I get emails that update me on what is new to the site, which is probably every other day. I think I found my new love.