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I tuned in to  the Marketing Over Coffee, to listen to what a popular podcast had to say about blogging in Public Relations. I had never listened to a podcast before. The two men discussed the new ideas that some companies are having employees blogging what they’re selling, bringing up numbers in clients. I think that for selling a product this is a fabulous idea, because  the act can really put the company’s name out there on the internet. In reference to a bigger client base, they referred to one company attaining almost seventy new clients. 

The guys then turned the conversation to Twitter, and the upgrades offered. It connecting with the company blogs with another means of marketing products. They continued with the importance of marketing, inbound and outbound. If companies are not working outbound, the loop will not continue to the inbound process. Inbound is the most profitable when reaching the public. I didn’t realize how important it was for companies to blog. At first I found it irrelevant because I thought that employees would be working already on getting the name out there. I guess the importance of the blog depends on what industry or company each person is working for. Blogs, as well as Twitter and other networking websites, are widely used tools that companies are now enforcing that PR practitioners to work into their daily schedule. 

They talked about the fact that using blogs and such are ways to link people to each other, another outreaching mechanism. There was an important point made that many older PR people aren’t fully in the loop with the up-to-date advances with the corporate tools. I can’t imagine what tools will be used in the future for companies to get their name out there and sell the products!