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End of the semester

AH! It always seem to creep up and surprise me every time. This time of the school year, my life consists of end-of-semester projects, papers, and endless flash cards. Sometimes, I get so bogged down. I’ve had a fairly smooth semester, I’ve taken twelve hours which is the smallest load I’ve ever taken in college. And of course, I love procrastination, like any other regular college kid. So this week I’ve been busting my butt to get stuff done…semi-ahead of time so I can actually get some studying done. Last night I covered whopping four out of five pages on a semester long assignment. It was awesome to feel so accomplished.  I also had to compile a notebook full of everything we have ever done in my graphic communications class over the semester in an organized, and might I add all typed, notebook. I outdid myself today, haha…So we shall see how these next two weeks pan out. I feel like so far, I’ve had a decent grip on the workload. That’s just for this week. If anyone crosses my path finals week, I know I’ll be in fine form.


Newest Obsession

So I was wandering from blog to blog on Tuesday in my journalism class because I had already completed the assignment our professor told us to do in class. I checked up on my WordPress and a few other people’s as well. I then decided to look for some new blog material. But to be specific, I wanted to look for some fashion. My dream job would be to work in fashion pr. There’s something about the fashion industry that draws me in, and I just have a gut feeling that it’s where I belong. I need a career that is always in the “now” and what is better than fashion? It’s so fast-paced, and always innovative. Not to mention fashion with public relations means lots of creativity. I was graced this past Tuesday when my mouse stumbled on my newest obsession: PR Couture, a website dedicated to fashion pr. I was smitten, no joke. The site has links to fashion pr agencies. It contains blogs, and in the corner was a subscription box that I quickly filled. Now I get emails that update me on what is new to the site, which is probably every other day. I think I found my new love.

Torrential Downpour

I figured this would be a funny story to tell. About two weeks ago from today, I was walking to my 9:30 am graphic communications class. I first looked outside at the sky was overcast. The second time, I noticed it was drizzling so I threw on my rain jacket and rain boots. I put on my book bag, and headed out the door. I made it about 50 yards from my house when a hurricane hit. The wind was blowing the hard-falling rain right in my direction. My jeans were instantly soaked, and I had to hold my hood over my head. I had to keep my head down because of all the rain pelting my face. I was halfway to class and thought about turning around to get a ride from a roommate, but I decided to tough it out to the building. The walk made Greek row feel like three miles long! I wanted to cry. The sharp winds stung my hands as they clung to my hood. My jeans were falling down they were so soaked. I made it to the building and headed straight to the restroom. I had then heard a squishing noise. My rain boots had been drowned in water! What a start to a day, I thought. I dumped the boots out, and half-heartedly tried to dry myself off when I just gave up. I called my roommate, Amanda, who I saw at home earlier and demanded she come get me. I made it home and threw all my soaking clothes on the floor. My boots to three days to dry out.

Easter Weekend!

Last weekend, I drove the three-and-a-half hours up to my hometown, Duluth, GA, with my boyfriend Michael. I was so eager to see all my family and friends, since I hadn’t been home since winter break. I rushed through the traffic and we arrived at my house in the afternoon. We hung out with my mom, stepdad, and little brother, Sean. Sean just got his license so he was so pumped to show me his new mazda that he’s been zipping around in. Michael and I took Sean out for some mexican food, and my parents took off to the Sugarland concert. I was so jealous! We watched the Braves game get rained out, while my town got hit with a hail storm. Then a group of my friends came over, and we got to catch up. 

Saturday morning, my mom headed to the mall of georgia at around 10 a.m. We definitely hit the jackpot at Nordstrom’s Rack. I stocked up on cute tops, shorts, jeans, and dresses. The trip was a success. Then we made it back to my house to get the house ready for a big dinner party. It was such a blast. A bunch of family friends came over, and a big group of my high school friends accompanied me . There was so much good food, I was stuffed. My step dad made his famous smoked ribs, I thought I would explode. My group of friends headed to our basement and played Apples-to-Apples and catch phrase. It got pretty intense.

Easter Sunday, my family, Michael, and I went to Perimeter church. After, we enjoyed a filling buffet brunch at the country club. My mom loaded Michael and I up with plenty of leftovers, and we hit the road back to Statesboro.