Blogging…one day at a time

Updated Profiles!

Well, it really has been a while since I’ve ventured into blogging. I believe it mostly has to do with the mandatory assignments that turned me off from the whole idea.

Crazy how things work. But I figured I’ll give it another shot. This semester in my PR Firms class, we are managing PROpenMic for the week. I’ve been updating my account and my LinkedIn one as well. It amazes me how much is done online. I have been searching for internships a lot this past month for the Summer 2011 term, and can’t believe how much of it has to do with these profiles. It really is about who you know and the connections people make.

While posting new pictures and changing all my “about me” sections from sophomore year to senior year, it hit me how fast this whole thing goes. Even though I am pretty nervous of stepping out into the real world, it is all the more exciting! I am currently searching for PR jobs in Charleston, SC or Raleigh, NC.

If anyone has some helpful hints, send ’em my way!


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