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When it comes that time a a student’s college career for that person to begin attending career fairs and aspiring for interviews, the professional look is the ticket. A college grad needs to show those hopeful future employers that they should be taken seriously because they take themselves seriously. There are certain ways in which an individual seeking a career can dress for success, but this wardrobe should continue on into the workplace.

This video is beneficial for men and women. It is best when going to an interview to keep it conservative, and choose the suit. Make sure you are fully groomed, meaning a shower would be your best bet. Men, you don’t want to have your hair being too messy, so a good clean cut would help. Ladies, too much perfume can also give the interviewer a headache.

Bright colors should be avoided. There are other ways to address your personality through your outfit, but flashy colors are not a good idea. For women, keep accessories simple because they can be distracting. After all, you don’t want your wardrobe to be all you have to say for yourself. Let your accomplishments and attributes shine through in your interview. Also for women, be aware of how much skin is being shown. As my tenth grade geometry told us for his class, no bellies, boobs, or butts please. If you choose to wear a skirt, make sure it a conservative length.

Good colors to wear to an interview are black, brown, navy, or beige. For guys, the tie should not be bright, flashy, or have a crazy pattern. Also the solid, thick “millionaire” tie is a negative because it gives off an arrogant vibe. Go for a tie that has subtle pattern with a mute color. A basic white, french, or baby blue button down with the suit will also go well.

Ladies, make sure your shoes are the ones you would wear out with your friends on a Saturday night. The heel does not need to be too high, and all the straps can be distracting.

You outfit in an interview should accent you, not be your selling point. After all, the clothes are not going to do the job for you. Make sure to keep it tasteful, keep it classy, and keep it professional.


Comments on: "What Not To Wear: The Interview Edition" (3)

  1. Jacqueline said:

    I found the video you posted within your blog to be very helpful. It was easier to watch the video than read posts about what to wear to an interview. I think the video covered all the main questions people have in regards to dressing prior to an interview.

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