Blogging…one day at a time

I cannot believe how fast the time flew this fall semester. I have begun many of my major courses and it has been a whirlwind of work and fun. Coming back from Thanksgiving break, I am still in vacation mode because winter break is just around the corner. I only have four official class days left! While this semester has been a blast, I will be so glad to be at my own home in Duluth, resting on my big comfy couch and being lazy. I’ve put in a lot of effort this semester, so it is a well deserved break. I cannot wait to see all my old friends and hang out with my new ones. I’ll spend time with the boyfriend and his family which is always a fun time.

The only thing that stands between the break and I is this week and next. I am so busy with assignments this week, and beginning to study for my finals. I have my media kits, a five-page paper, the quizzes, and reviews. Not to mention all of the reading that needs to get done. It’s crunch time in the college world, and I think I’ll be able to make it out. Not only will I have to hang tight and get through all the assignments I’ve procrastinated, I’ve decided that I should have enough food at my apartment to not go grocery shopping. I’m sure by the time I reach my house for break, I’ll clear out the fridge.


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