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School Spirit!

Whether it is the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other articles of clothing worn by the sleepy college kids trucking to class for a test, or it could be the stickers on the back of the giant truck on the way to Walmart, there is school spirit all around. I remember when I first found out I got in to Georgia Southern, I put a pink eagle bumper sticker on the back of my Jeep Cherokee. School spirit is about the pride that person has in what they belong to. As a student of Georgia Southern, I wear the logos because of my love for this great school.

Also being in a sorority, I have much spirit for the organization. On my car, I have my letters stuck high on the back windshield. One my shirts, hoodie, and rain jacket I have my letters for everyone to see. It is because I am so involved and have such a love for my sorority that I want people to know what I belong to. The spirit also shines through when my sisters and I support each other in things like the Homecoming voting, and other competitions that are held on campus.

This week is a great way to exemplify school and sorority spirit with the campaigning of the King, Queen, and court. While there is some competition, Homecoming week is also a good way to pull people together for the one thing that everyone has in common at this school. For my sorority, it’s a week of socials and activities that everyone contributes.

Let’s show some school pride!


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