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Almost Mountain Weekend!

This weekend is mountain weekend! It’s a tradition that a small group of my friends and I have made starting last year. We rented a cabin in Gatlinburg the first time, and it was a blast! It’s always good to get away for the weekend, especially when nothing is happening in Statesboro. I will be sad I’m missing some of the Halloween bashes, but this year we booked an amazing cabin in Helen, Georgia. About 4 hours North of Statesboro, we will be partcipating in Octoberfest! I’ve only been to Helen for a day trip, but that was years ago. I cannot wait to be up in the mountains!

The surprising thing about these trips are the great deals we get on the rentals. For only $100 each, we are getting a beautifully decorated cabin with pool table/game room, hot tub, and grill. What else do college kids need? We are also only a short drive from downtown Helen, which gives us the opportunity to stroll down the streets. The cabin also has an fire pit in the backyard, and is located on the river. It’s the perfect time of year to get a good fire going and roast some marshmallows. One of my favorite things about getting away to the mountains, or even the lake in the summer, is the stars at night. Obviously in Statesboro, those are easy to see, but from Atlanta you can’t see the beauty. This mountain weekend is going to be one of the best road trips yet. We’ll have to go out with a bang because one of our friends in the group is graduating this fall!


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