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My Favorite TV Show

Ever since I’ve come to Georgia Southern, I have only kept up with a select few television shows. However, the one that I have watched since the season one premiere is Desperate Housewives. This show has been running for years, and it is so entertaining. There are so many different story lines in the plot of the bigger story. Desperate Housewives is based on the lives of the main housewives living on Wysteria Lane. The show goes into detail about their lives individually, as well as their lives together. Throughout the seasons, they have had ups and downs, neighbors come and go, schemes and mischevious plots, and so much more.

This Sunday was the kick off to a new season of Desperate, and it was captivating. After last season, when one of the housewives, Edie, died in a car accident, they introduced a new family. However it seems that all the new families that move in and out of Wysteria Lane have some hidden secrets that they try to hide. I’m sure it won’t be long until this new family will be uncovered.

I don’t know exactly why I have been so hooked on this show for so long. My roommates and friends gather around the TV every Sunday night to tune in. It’s become some what of a tradition. In my neighborhood back at home, we joke about how it is the “Wysteria Lane” of Duluth, Ga. It’s a small subdivision where everyone seems to know everything about everyone else. I can’t wait for next Sunday to find out what happens with Brie’s divorce, Lynnette’s pregnancy, Susan and Mike, and the very entertaining Gabby Solice.


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  1. justin jurgensen said:

    Great description of the Housewives. I personally don’t watch it, although Terry Hatcher is good looking and a very good actor, I agree with what you have to say about wysteria lane and all that…. I’ve seen the show a few times, and you being a girl, I can see any girl loving that show. However, it comes on Sunday nights, last time I checked. The reason I pay for cable is to watch Sunday night HBO programs. I also like your reference to your hometown being similar to their lifestyles. I think it is a very realistic show in aspects of denial, cheating and other uses of unethical practices all the while, making the wives look so beautiful.

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