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Obama’s Health Care Plan

This week on David Letterman, President Obama was a guest on the show, and discussed his health care plan. At first glance, I was strongly against this plan and what it might do to the federal deficit. But after hearing his thoughts on the matter, it suddenly seemed like a much more possible goal. I am a capitalist and I believe in small government, I thought this plan would only increase bureaucratic red tape. This red tape would do nothing more than slow down our health care, and ruin it for those who really needed help whether they could afford it or not. But after hearing that last year the price of health insurance had increased by over 5%, even with negative inflation, it was obvious that something needs to be done. Health care costs have been rising by huge amounts through the past few years, and many medications and cures for diseases are only available to an extremely small portion of  the population. This is not an acceptable status considering every other country in the world has some sort of universal health care to cover its citizens. This is one large issue America has been blatantly indifferent on. Obama’s health care plan, as he describes it, is the American capitalist way to tackle universal coverage for every citizen. He proposes, instead of giving health insurance away, to instead make it affordable for citizens like the small business owner or middle class American. There are two categories that are often exploited by the current health plan.

This uniquely American solution to health care just might work, and if not will at least open the door to a solution to the current problem.


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