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This week in the PR Writing class, we had to find articles that are considered “newsworthy”, and explain why. Well after reading past all the Kanye West VMA scandal articles, I found out a little stunt that Serena Williams had done this year at the U.S. Open. While in a match with opponent Clijsters, a referee made a call against Serena Willias that sent in her a frenzy. It was a big mistake on Williams part, as she threatened the lineswoman with profanity. She had already received a warning, and with the second code violation she was given a penalty point.  This all happened before she got ejected from the match after the technical foul at match point. She threw down the racket and stormed out of the arena in tears, where Venus waited for her in the locker room. She refused to disclaim what she really said to the the lineswoman.

Williams was fined $10,00 and there is talk about problems in her future career. I believe this will hopefully show other athletes in the media how to behave in the limelight. Obviously there will be heated tendencies when it comes to the game, but professional athletes should be a good example for young kids. I would hope that kids in sports don’t think it is okay to pitch a fit, even if it may be an unfair call. Personally, I believe that sometimes it just has to happen that way. I think it’s decent that she has issued an apology…now we just have to wait around for Kanye to issue one.


Comments on: "Serena Williams U.S. Open Tantrum" (1)

  1. There is definately a strange trend going on right now. Serena, Kanye, and even the Senators outburst during Obama’s healthcare speech. It is totally uncalled for.

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