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In class this week, we discussed chapter three. This involved all things about defamation, infringement, slander, liabel, copyright, trademark, and a few more topics. All of these topics are very substantial in the media. First and foremost, it has been drilled into our brains since early education that cheating is bad. This includes, lying, taking someone else’s work and using as your own, and spreading rumors. Now these days, while kids may unfortunately slide past the rule, the media shows no signs of stopping when it comes to the tabloids. Those magazines are sometimes filled with so many rumors and allegations. While some stories may run similar to the truth, it is feeding the public illegitimate information. For instance, when I stand in the check out line at Walmart, National Inquirer and Star have always caught my eye with crazy stories about cat fights and divorces.

Another funny thing that we talked about in class is the trademarks. I thought it was hilarious when Paris Hilton attempted to trademark the phrase, “That’s Hot”. Luckily that didn’t go over so well and neither did Donald Trump’s, “You’re Fired,” from his show, The Apprentice. Each day in the media, it seems that there is a fine line between what is the truth and what has been “fluffed up” for the story. This is why it is important as an aspiring PR representative that I know how to write the truth in a press release and other forms of writing. It is my goal in my future career to avoid any liabel in any work that I do, and to always work best with the client. It is important for me to understand those topics listed from chapter three because it will save me from any trouble I could possibly get myself into. Lastly, I believe that my conscious is too honest for bearing the burden of slander.


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  1. Jacqueline said:

    I was also surprised when we were told that Paris Hilton tried to trademark the phrase “That’s hot “. Although she wasn’t allowed to get the phrase trademarked, it made me wonder what ridiculous sayings have been able to.

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