Blogging…one day at a time

1. I learned that staying connected in social medias is so very important. It keeps you updated as a pr professional. 

2. Staying ahead of the of the crowd is a plus. When the class all registered for Twitter, it was before the big trend hit worldwide. It was interesting to watch it get so big!

3. Blogging is actually beneficial. Through this wordpress assignment, I have learned so much about navigating the blogging scene.

4. Make sure to do your own pr. When going to a job interview, the employer could Google your name, and the higher your name appears on the list, the better. This is as long as it is for good reasons.

5. I learned how to better my resume. It should really be kept to one page, and to have experience is something better than fluff on it. 

6. From the guest speakers from Three, I learned that I need to be prepared for whatever pr can throw at me. Even when I may have to try to make flooring sexy, I’ll always have to be on my toes with fresh ideas and a positive spin. 

7. Press releases will be my new best friend in the public relations world. It has been made in my journalism and pr class that they are common in the field, so I’ll be learning to love them. 

8. When it comes to the press release, be sure to get all the major facts. Editors don’t have time to read other excess information. Keep it to what’s necessary. 

9. This class has showed me the many sides of public relations. Though pr professionals want to put a positive spin on things, getting it there may be a rocky road. 

10. PRCA 2330 has been a great first step in taking when deciding what I want to do with pr. As of now, the goal is for fashion pr. However, there is corporate, agency, or even event planning. We shall see what the future holds!


Comments on: "All I really need…I learned in PRCA 2330" (1)

  1. mjohns92 said:

    These are really great things that you have learned! Keep up the good work! I am also into fashion PR! Are you getting your minor in Fashion Merchandising?!?

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