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The Epic News Release

Today in my PR, we discussed the “bakers dozen” of what is on a typical news release, or also known as the press release. A press release is used to announce an event, new product, or maybe even a new position in a company. They are written either for immediate release, or for something up and coming that can be sent to the media or newspapers to send out to the public. We are studying these in my journalism class at the same time, and we had to write an example of one with an event going on with a group on campus. I wrote one about my sorority’s paintball tournament coming this Saturday. It was interesting writing this first one, I felt as if I got a glimpse at what would be a major part of my career in public relations. I used our crest for the letterhead, and including the slug -###- to finish the product. 

I learned something new today about the press release, that the editor could use their name instead of the authors if it makes it seem more believable to their audience. Also, they can alter the headline to fit their space in their finished product. The most important thing in a press release is to get down the important details. Editors don’t have time to read all the fluff, so make sure to include important points. Things like quotes and pictures can add some life to the press release. Sometimes, PR reps have to write a quote for a press release that they think is something their superior would address to the public. I thought that was kind of funny.


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