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End of the semester

AH! It always seem to creep up and surprise me every time. This time of the school year, my life consists of end-of-semester projects, papers, and endless flash cards. Sometimes, I get so bogged down. I’ve had a fairly smooth semester, I’ve taken twelve hours which is the smallest load I’ve ever taken in college. And of course, I love procrastination, like any other regular college kid. So this week I’ve been busting my butt to get stuff done…semi-ahead of time so I can actually get some studying done. Last night I covered whopping four out of five pages on a semester long assignment. It was awesome to feel so accomplished.  I also had to compile a notebook full of everything we have ever done in my graphic communications class over the semester in an organized, and might I add all typed, notebook. I outdid myself today, haha…So we shall see how these next two weeks pan out. I feel like so far, I’ve had a decent grip on the workload. That’s just for this week. If anyone crosses my path finals week, I know I’ll be in fine form.


Comments on: "End of the semester" (4)

  1. Jacqueline said:

    I know I am so busy this semester has flown by. I can not believe it is about to be over. I am jealous of the fact that you have been able to make yourself focus and get your assignments done ahead of time. I wish I could have enough discipline to do that.

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  3. jcam19 said:

    Did you know that in some schools, teachers are not allowed to give tests, papers, projects, or any assignments that are due the week before finals?

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