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Monday, Monday

Today in class…we talked about what we, as individuals thought that “news” was as a whole. In my opinion, news is anything new as far as a current event that is updated to the public. I think that the media puts news out for their audience because it is something of importance that is necessary for we citizens to be aware of. I liked the fact today that someone in the lecture hall stated that news can be anything new. Stating a fact, is a fact but not something that is just being introduced. I also considered that the angle of the news differs from news station to station. Each one has a different political view that directs to those who follow. Personally, I favor the way Fox News delivers their breaking stories. 

We talked about upcoming assignments, and the newest things on Twitter. Apparently, Oprah is a new member and is getting a ton of messages from people who are in desperate need of help. Prof Nixon said there were people tweeting about ruined marriages, and hardships that people are expressing to her. She also learned the protocol from Shaquille O’Neal when she posted a tweet in all caps. I thought the competition between CNN and Ashton Kutcher, competing for who could get one million followers first was funny. Kutcher said he would donate about 10-20,000 mosquito nets to help the spread of malaria.


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