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Chapter 14

The last official chapter with a quiz! This chapter is based on something very popular in the public relations field. It is based on the infamous news release, or the press release. It is a basic piece of writing that serves mass media, giving them the crucial details about an event. This style of writing is something that I will soon have to be very well accustomed to in the career I seek. I think that the jot list of points of to do’s when writing a press release were very helpful. For example: use short headlines, use creative words to grab an editor’s attention, and tell the news. 

I thought it was creative when reading about the publicity photos. It’s something so common, and most of the time can be the main attention grabber to the public. When using photos in a press release, the best are uncluttered. Then I came across media kits, which is something I have discussed in my journalism and public relations class. These are used for a specific event, something that is usually short-lived. The contents are usually in a custom folder. They can be used in companies when launching a brand new product. 

I think that this chapter is beneficial when learning the basics of public relations writing. In the PR field, writing is something that every practitioner will get a lot of practice, especially when dealing with the media. When working for your client, you have to make sure that you do your job and maintain their image in a positive light.


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