Blogging…one day at a time

So we had the assignment to take on Twitter for a 48 hour period, to see it we could learn anything. Some people in the class have been hooked on Twitter since we began it earlier in the semester. After we finished the Twitter “chapter” I wasn’t very frequent. I did sign on a few times, just to check out some of the things about Michael Phelps, and what Ashton Kutcher had to say, but nothing to in depth. But this time, it was interesting how much easier it was for me to navigate the Twitter website. A big group of people were waiting in line to follow me, including my step mom and childhood friend which I thought was the coolest thing. Since last using Twitter, I could now understand how to send direct messages, and finally understood how to read messages from one person to another. 

I think that now I will definitely be a more frequent “tweeter”. I don’t know how but this time it naturally clicked. Maybe it was because before it was an assignment, where this time I could take it into my own account. I like the simplicity Twitter’s site has to offer. If you pay close attention, the new Facebook layout follows a similar design to the way Twitter displays tweets. Now that Twitter has become also a big phenomenon in the PR world, I think I would benefit by using it more often.


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