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Torrential Downpour

I figured this would be a funny story to tell. About two weeks ago from today, I was walking to my 9:30 am graphic communications class. I first looked outside at the sky was overcast. The second time, I noticed it was drizzling so I threw on my rain jacket and rain boots. I put on my book bag, and headed out the door. I made it about 50 yards from my house when a hurricane hit. The wind was blowing the hard-falling rain right in my direction. My jeans were instantly soaked, and I had to hold my hood over my head. I had to keep my head down because of all the rain pelting my face. I was halfway to class and thought about turning around to get a ride from a roommate, but I decided to tough it out to the building. The walk made Greek row feel like three miles long! I wanted to cry. The sharp winds stung my hands as they clung to my hood. My jeans were falling down they were so soaked. I made it to the building and headed straight to the restroom. I had then heard a squishing noise. My rain boots had been drowned in water! What a start to a day, I thought. I dumped the boots out, and half-heartedly tried to dry myself off when I just gave up. I called my roommate, Amanda, who I saw at home earlier and demanded she come get me. I made it home and threw all my soaking clothes on the floor. My boots to three days to dry out.


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