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On Wednesday in PRCA 2330 we were graced with the presence of two former GSU students who have now gone on to work for a PR, advertising, and marketing agency called Three. Lauren Crawford and Jeremy Estroff enlighted the students about what to expect when venturing into the PR field. They gave us plenty of tips, especially what to have in our portfolio. For example, future employers really want to see what kind of work a hopeful employee has available. They don’t have enough time to mess around, and want to get straight to the point. It would be wise for a portfolio to have press releases whether they are real or examples, papers related to the subject, good writing samples, and of course a resume. The two made a good point that a resume is one piece of paper, but that doesn’t sum up all that the individual has done. When going to an interview, I learned I needed to go in with experiences to share, and work to show. Usually with these types of speakers, I get very overwhelmed, feeling like I need to go out and join like 50 clubs and start doing a ton of charity work. But in all actuality, the speakers really put into perspective what needs to be taken care of to go out into the PR field. 

I like the way Estroff explained the difference of corporate PR and agency PR, all the way down to the wardrobe. I thought that was kind of funny. I thought the carpet campaign he produced was also fabulous!


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  1. Hey Sarah!! I finally found your blog! I usually don’t look forward to class speakers because more times than not they aren’t exactly the best public speakers,have corny jokes, and are just all around dull. However, there are those few that come in prepared and ready to unleash a world of knowledge on the class. Now is the time when we need as much advice as possible, especially about how to impress potential employers. I have been trying to put together a portfolio, but I was disappointed to find out that I was only required to write one press release in my PR Writing class. I don’t have as many samples as I would like, so I need to spend the next year really beefing up my writing samples and making sure I have the best ones possible. I have been Googling what types of portfolios PR professionals enjoy, especially hard copy v. electronic. I think I have decided to create both, just to be on the safe side. I’ve got a lot of work to do, apparently!
    Thanks for the post, girl!

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