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Melanie Seasons

Okay…I decided to do two blogs on this woman’s page, Fake Plastic Noodles, because the first one is hilarious. Melanie Seasons’ most recent post, April 14th, 2009, claims that Domino’s is “fartastic”. On this post, she critically ridicules the two stupid employees that pulled the stunt. She lightly called it a “PR nightmare in the making.” In my opinion, that is a true statement. 

Even thought Melanie’s blog post are shorter than most, I read a lot because of her spunk and sense of humor that comes from the text. She goes on in a blog post before the previous about new social media that ticks her off. She made a valid point that Facebook and Twitter look the same, and I too have noticed the comparison. Apparently, people that she knew from 5th grade adding her on Facebook is not a good idea either. Her blogs are so raw, but not obnoxious, which is why I enjoy her writing. 

The blog I really liked the most, “Someday your unborn baby will read this post…” I found funny but enlightening. She was talking about how bosses look at people on the internet to make or break a job offer. Also, how her friends and family are some how connected to her online. Well, did you know that babies that don’t even know how to walk are learning to use the internet? Well, it made me aware that whenever I may have a family, they could Google their mother’s name and some unfortunate picture of my college days could easily show up. I liked Seasons’ insight on the topic.


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Wow! I’m flattered. Never had a whole post about me before… Glad someone still actually reads it!

    Good luck in your studies,

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