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Class on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Prof Nixon opened the lecture with a delightful video of the recent Domino’s Pizza catastrophe. Two, now former, employees made a series of gag videos about them tampering with the food that would be delivered to customers. The entire class was repulsed. The woman employee recorded the male employee sticking cheese up his nose, and passing gas on the salami. Need less to say, I don’t think I’ll be ordering any Domino’s for a while.

The point to this video was about the PR response to the public. First of all, it took the company 48 hours to make a statement. Then in groups, we had to think of ways to repair the damage done by this stunt. Apparently, the workers claim it was only a joke and the food that they messed with was never actually delivered. My group came up with things like: where was this Domino’s located? How long have those employees been working there? Who were the unlucky customers? Also, to put the public at ease Domino’s should maybe put all employees through a course of the importance of sanitation. They should also issue a statement to the public reassuring that the situation was taken care of, and the customers need not to worry. Waiting 48 hours after this video made the internet surely made a significant amount of damage. Domino’s is most likely looking at a legal situation with those customers who’s food was tampered. I think that their PR department should pay closer attention to what’s being said about them in the news for the next week. After all, the news already made it to London.


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