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Chapter 8

In our fact-filled text book for PRCA 2330, chapter eight is based on the final step in the PR acronym: R.A.C.E. Evaluation is a crucial part to the equation when it comes to PR. Any practitioner should take a look back on their particular project in order to learn what positives and negatives were made along the way. Some basic things to measure in the evaluation are: audience awareness, attitudes, attendance, action, and of supplemental activities. All of these should be taken into account to make sure that the next project is done in a better fashion. 

I think this chapter made some pretty valid points, and really helps people understand the importance of looking back on their work. Making the same mistake over and over will only hurt the business. One thing I found interesting was Advertising Equivalency. This method is don by converting stories in the news or on broadcast into equal advertising costs. Using these means give ways of calculating productivity a new perspective. Overall progress can be done by tallying up hits on the internet as well. Even systematic tracking is a more high-tech procedure to count message exposures on the internet. 

This chapter, as well as the lectures in class really get me a clearer view on why evaluation of a campaign or product is important to look in to. As a future PR practitioner, it is best for me to understand the needs of the field, and to help better my skills.


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