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Chapter 11

To continue the reading about the importance of the audience, chapter eleven is based on reaching a multicultural and diverse audience. It begins with age groups, starting with mine, Generation Y. Tho book stresses the importance of their use of internet. It really surprised me how the statistics stated, “we will spend more time online than in interaction with parents by tenfold”. This is important for up and coming PR practitioners because in a few years this age group will be the ones spending the most money in the economy. Following GY is the Baby boomers, the age group that is heading for retirement. This, “rather active, and socially conscious bunch,” are now becoming more concerned with healthcare, insurance, retirement planning, investing, and other issues. They are quickly growing into the Seniors age group.  Don’t let their old age fool you, this group is often less easily convinced, and demand value in their products. 

All these are important details for PR practitioners to take note of because it is most likely that they will deal with a project catering to each demographic. The book continues to explain the importance of understanding cultural values. It is crucial to reach the racial and ethnic groups, and to know how to work to each ones different qualities. 

As I continued reading, I didn’t even thinking about considering religious communities, gay/lesbians, and the disability community. I think that as far as women as a community is considered, I believe that in this day and age women have made some serious strides. Don’t get me wrong there is definitely still set backs, but there is a significant difference. Lastly, the global audiences is made known a fact because it is good for trade. Needless to say, I think that when working on a campaign, any PR practitioner needs to take into consideration any and all characteristics of any demographic.


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