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All I really need…I learned in PRCA 2330

1. I learned that staying connected in social medias is so very important. It keeps you updated as a pr professional. 

2. Staying ahead of the of the crowd is a plus. When the class all registered for Twitter, it was before the big trend hit worldwide. It was interesting to watch it get so big!

3. Blogging is actually beneficial. Through this wordpress assignment, I have learned so much about navigating the blogging scene.

4. Make sure to do your own pr. When going to a job interview, the employer could Google your name, and the higher your name appears on the list, the better. This is as long as it is for good reasons.

5. I learned how to better my resume. It should really be kept to one page, and to have experience is something better than fluff on it. 

6. From the guest speakers from Three, I learned that I need to be prepared for whatever pr can throw at me. Even when I may have to try to make flooring sexy, I’ll always have to be on my toes with fresh ideas and a positive spin. 

7. Press releases will be my new best friend in the public relations world. It has been made in my journalism and pr class that they are common in the field, so I’ll be learning to love them. 

8. When it comes to the press release, be sure to get all the major facts. Editors don’t have time to read other excess information. Keep it to what’s necessary. 

9. This class has showed me the many sides of public relations. Though pr professionals want to put a positive spin on things, getting it there may be a rocky road. 

10. PRCA 2330 has been a great first step in taking when deciding what I want to do with pr. As of now, the goal is for fashion pr. However, there is corporate, agency, or even event planning. We shall see what the future holds!


End of the semester

AH! It always seem to creep up and surprise me every time. This time of the school year, my life consists of end-of-semester projects, papers, and endless flash cards. Sometimes, I get so bogged down. I’ve had a fairly smooth semester, I’ve taken twelve hours which is the smallest load I’ve ever taken in college. And of course, I love procrastination, like any other regular college kid. So this week I’ve been busting my butt to get stuff done…semi-ahead of time so I can actually get some studying done. Last night I covered whopping four out of five pages on a semester long assignment. It was awesome to feel so accomplished.  I also had to compile a notebook full of everything we have ever done in my graphic communications class over the semester in an organized, and might I add all typed, notebook. I outdid myself today, haha…So we shall see how these next two weeks pan out. I feel like so far, I’ve had a decent grip on the workload. That’s just for this week. If anyone crosses my path finals week, I know I’ll be in fine form.

Newest Obsession

So I was wandering from blog to blog on Tuesday in my journalism class because I had already completed the assignment our professor told us to do in class. I checked up on my WordPress and a few other people’s as well. I then decided to look for some new blog material. But to be specific, I wanted to look for some fashion. My dream job would be to work in fashion pr. There’s something about the fashion industry that draws me in, and I just have a gut feeling that it’s where I belong. I need a career that is always in the “now” and what is better than fashion? It’s so fast-paced, and always innovative. Not to mention fashion with public relations means lots of creativity. I was graced this past Tuesday when my mouse stumbled on my newest obsession: PR Couture, a website dedicated to fashion pr. I was smitten, no joke. The site has links to fashion pr agencies. It contains blogs, and in the corner was a subscription box that I quickly filled. Now I get emails that update me on what is new to the site, which is probably every other day. I think I found my new love.

The Epic News Release

Today in my PR, we discussed the “bakers dozen” of what is on a typical news release, or also known as the press release. A press release is used to announce an event, new product, or maybe even a new position in a company. They are written either for immediate release, or for something up and coming that can be sent to the media or newspapers to send out to the public. We are studying these in my journalism class at the same time, and we had to write an example of one with an event going on with a group on campus. I wrote one about my sorority’s paintball tournament coming this Saturday. It was interesting writing this first one, I felt as if I got a glimpse at what would be a major part of my career in public relations. I used our crest for the letterhead, and including the slug -###- to finish the product. 

I learned something new today about the press release, that the editor could use their name instead of the authors if it makes it seem more believable to their audience. Also, they can alter the headline to fit their space in their finished product. The most important thing in a press release is to get down the important details. Editors don’t have time to read all the fluff, so make sure to include important points. Things like quotes and pictures can add some life to the press release. Sometimes, PR reps have to write a quote for a press release that they think is something their superior would address to the public. I thought that was kind of funny.


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Sarah Jane

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Chapter 14

The last official chapter with a quiz! This chapter is based on something very popular in the public relations field. It is based on the infamous news release, or the press release. It is a basic piece of writing that serves mass media, giving them the crucial details about an event. This style of writing is something that I will soon have to be very well accustomed to in the career I seek. I think that the jot list of points of to do’s when writing a press release were very helpful. For example: use short headlines, use creative words to grab an editor’s attention, and tell the news. 

I thought it was creative when reading about the publicity photos. It’s something so common, and most of the time can be the main attention grabber to the public. When using photos in a press release, the best are uncluttered. Then I came across media kits, which is something I have discussed in my journalism and public relations class. These are used for a specific event, something that is usually short-lived. The contents are usually in a custom folder. They can be used in companies when launching a brand new product. 

I think that this chapter is beneficial when learning the basics of public relations writing. In the PR field, writing is something that every practitioner will get a lot of practice, especially when dealing with the media. When working for your client, you have to make sure that you do your job and maintain their image in a positive light.