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Stuck in My Head…

Today in our PR class, we started off with a word cross where it listed common ad slogans and we had to figure out what company or brand that it stood for. It brought back memories of a lot of commercials I saw as a kid. For example:

“Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids”

“Kid tested. Mother approved” 

or the ever so popular Frost Flakes jingle, “They’re Grrrrrreat!”

Those would always get stuck in my head as well as common commercials for State Farm, Verizon Wireless, and even Budweiser. After doing that exercise, it showed me a different side of public relations. To me, this aspect had a lot to do with marketing and advertising. It helped me to understand the significance about how to market a product, and give it a positive image. When a consumer can relate a catchy slogan or song with a well-liked product, they will be more influenced to buy it. 

I also benefited from our blog discussion towards the end of class. I have been so confused recently with all the little quirks of this blog, but I left the lecture today with some peace of mind. Now I finally feel I have a grasp on the assignment, and plan on making a list of what I need to catch up. Classmates asked some really intelligent questions, which gave me some clarity. I am not too tech savvy, especially on the blogging scene, but Prof Nixon really put the importance of having a blog into perspective. It’s a good way to manage your reputation.


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  1. mackenziestratton said:

    I know what you mean! It’s crazy how catchy all these slogans are! I totally will buy something just because I remember the song or slogan for it! Or if someone asks me do you know a good car insurance company i will say “like a good neighbor statefarm is there” and instantly suggest statefarm! It’s kinda sad the way people think, but I guess it’s def. a good PR move to take advantage of that!

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