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PR Class 3/25

Coming back from spring break, I was semi-glad we had class canceled on Monday. But we were back in the classroom today to discuss the last of the acronym R.A.C.E.-Evaluation. This is a crucial step in Public Relations. We discussed what we as PR students and those practitioners in the field should use evaluation for in a campaign. The main usage, in my opinion, is for the practitioner to find out if their campaign or whatever assignment they may have performed, has reached their intended audience. I think is the most important to know if it was hit or miss, especially for their next campaign, to know if they are able to do so or if they need to make adjustments to get their work done accurately. Next, the class talked about the importance of evaluating the budget at the end of a campaign. Mainly, all the common questions performed in an evaluation are used to test whether the practitioner got the job done, and to know what changes they will need to make for their next job. One thing I learned new today was about readership, which falls under the evaluation category. To me, this is used to revise what is best and irrelevant in a paper, magazine, internet source when it comes to what the audience keeps its consistency. Even though we have talked about R.A.C.E. for at least the past seven lectures, I have to admit this really tied the process together for me.


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