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Ten Tips on Job Search

1. Prepare your resume, and in this day and age try to keep it one page.

2. Dress for success. Be professional: no bellies or boobs, and try to keep the colors solid. You don’t want to attract attention away from the interview. 

3. Try to rack up a few internships, it shows good experience.

4. Do your research about the company you’re interviewing with, and maybe even the position. 

5. Practice your interview skills, and make sure you speak clearly. 

6. Make sure your references are people that know you as both a student and person, that way they can validate your work ethic. 

7. Keep your cell phone professional. Turn it on silent, and try to get rid of things like ring-back tones. 

8. Clean up your facebook/myspace/etc. It’s not hard for the potential employer to find a picture of you at a party. 

9. Prepare for material to keep the conversation flowing. Maybe an experience that can relate positively to the job position. 

10. Always be polite. Use conservative language, and show them your confidence!


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