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“Wag the Dog”

I believe that the PR practitioner totally embodies the situational orientation. He had many ongoing attempts to bring up the President’s percentage in the polls before election day. Clearly, he was trying to make decision that produced the most good. He and his coworkers spun each event to give the president a positive image, every step of the way. For example, the set up with the funeral for the “war hero” to make up for the late arrival of the expected plane. 

From the Code of Ethics, I think honesty was the downfall of the PR practitioner. For the most part, the entire story was primarily fabricated. This really made me think about the things I hear in the news, and how easily that what seemed like the hard facts could be produced.

The logic behind the phrase Wag the Dog is relevant to the movie because it’s about being able to control. In the case of the movie, it’s about controlling the public in similarity to being able to control a dog’s wagging tail.

From the movie, it definitely makes PR practitioners look like spin doctors. However, I think it is a good example of how PR reps are quick on their feet with creative ideas to make a situation positive.


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